Reading List

Methodological Wednesday Morning Readings

  1. Appelbaum, M., Cooper, H., Kline, R. B., Mayo-Wilson, E., Nezu, A. M., & Rao, S. M. (2018). Journal article reporting standards for quantitative research in psychology: The APA Publications and Communications Board task force report. American Psychologist, 73(1), 3.
  2. Henson, R. K., & Roberts, J. K. (2006). Use of exploratory factor analysis in published research: Common errors and some comment on improved practice. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 66(3), 393-416.
  3. López, X., Valenzuela, J., Nussbaum, M., & Tsai, C.-C. (2015). Some recommendations for the reporting of quantitative studies [Editorial]. Computers & Education, 91, 106–110.
  4. Twining, P., Heller, R. S., Nussbaum, M., & Tsai, C. C. (2017). Some guidance on conducting and reporting qualitative studies. Computers & Education, 106, A1-A9.
  5. Worthington, R.L., & Whittaker, T. A. (2006). Scale development research: A content analysis and recommendations for best practices. The Counseling Psychologist, 34, 806-838.

Further Reading:

  1. Huck, S.W. (2012). Reading statistics and research (6th edition). Boston: Pearson.
  2. Field, A. (2009).Discovering statistics using SPSS (3rd edition). London: Sage.
  3. Salsburg, D. (2002). The lady tasting tea: How statistics revolutionized science in the twentieth century. New York: Henry Holt and Company.

Reading for other sessions will be added soon…